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Towards Our 100th Exhibition


Update on #Art4ManekUrai Humanity Project: Making a difference through the arts

After seven years in the industry, Galeri Chandan is proud to announce our 99th and 100th exhibition at Gwangju Art Fair, Gwangju, Korea and The 2nd START Art Fair, London, United Kingdom, respectively come September 2015.

We are proud to be where we are and it will not hinder us to strategise our journey in the immediate future. We celebrate Malaysia’s long history in art as an essential figure in a cultural community, and we point the way toward its continued growth and beyond

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The intersection of art and social justice takes many forms. We are proud to update you on the development of a permanent home built for the family of Puan Habibah bt Ku Mat whose home was swept away by the worst hit flash floods in Manek Urai, Kelantan last year. A place where they can call home, is progressing well through the pictures shared here and God Willing will be ready by Eidl Adha.

Our first art for humanity project in collaboration with Islamic Aid Malaysia is a huge success and we hope the public will continue to support those in need in the future. Once again our heartfelt appreciation for your kind contribution and May the Almighty bless your kind souls.

A night to Remember : Platform 2 – Artist, Time and Space


Last Friday night, (21st August 2015) Galeri Chandan received a welcoming crowd for the opening of Platform 2: Artist, Time and Space. Our 98th show features artists from many disciplines: painting, prints, photography, sculpture and performing art. 19 young artists whom have graduated from various local art schools executed their works to the tee and injected a whole new outlook on Malaysia contemporary art. They are : Rais Azmi, Azrul Azrai Mohyi, Faisa Nur Azmi, Abdul Fatah Ali, Kamal Sazali, Lim Yong Wei, Nur Muhammad Amin, Koo Yean Ni, Agnes Lau, Jasmine Cheong, Nurazmi Mohd Noh, Faiz Sabri, Sara Ameera, Danial Fuad, Lam Shun Hui, Ezwa Husin, Khairul Ehsani, and Anis Che Mat.

Besides a performance art by artist Khairul Ehsani, who chooses a Japanese tea drinking ceremony as his medium to interact with the audience, the night was also weaved with a jamming music session amongst art lovers, the management of Galeri Chandan, and young and senior artists. The night ended with a bang when all joined in to sing Bill Withers “Lean on Me “.

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Galeri Chandan Open Gallery


Last Wednesday night, 29th July 2015 was a night of celebration when Friends of Galeri Chandan from near and far came to our Open Gallery Hari Raya Eid-ul- Fitr festivity. It was a fun filled night with sumptuous Hari Raya Eid-ul-Fitr delicacies served and Hari Raya songs played throughout the night in merriment.

We also celebrated the month of Ramadan and Syawal with the opening of Tawaf: A Sacred Journey exhibition, showcasing four calligraphy artists : Dr Nor Azlin Hamidon, Firdaus Mahadi, Mohd Fadil Sulaiman and Shah Tumin.

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PLATFORM 2: Artist, Time and Space