Last Friday night, 11 December 2015, Galeri Chandan once again hosted the homecoming of ” Road to Artistic Diversity”  NAFAS Residensi Showcase 2014 . The heavy Friday  traffic and rain did not hinder Friends of Galeri Chandan to drop by and give their support to artworks from Malaysia and Indonesia.

The night was filled with good food,music (a guitar acoustic accompaniment) and an exchange of the goings on in the art scene amongst  our guests.

Artists, Hafidz Shabri, Arikwibowo Amril and Nadia Zawani Ibrahim, were on hand in sharing their experiences whilst in residence in Yogyakarta that night.

Nafas Residensi based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia has been giving many opportunities to emerging artists from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and enable them to focus more on practice and research. After 3 years of operation, NAFAS Residensi has proven that it has become a venue for where creative cultural exchange can be built and has played an important role for artists to expand their networks and exchange ideas.

The artists in residence for this cycle were : Hafidz Shabri, Nurrachmat Widyasena, Ibk. Sindu Putra, Iyok Prayogo, Arikwibowo Amril, Ahdiyat Nur Hartarta, Alfin Agnuba and Nadia Zawani Ibrahim. Their artworks truly portrays a very much defined identity in their art making, cultural and contemporary traditions.

The location: Yogyakarta as the regional center of classical fine art and culture, interestingly has yielded the artists into surprising results, where not only did they produce individual pieces but has resulted in a collaboration amongst themselves in producing joint artworks. They embraced the differences and came forth in a united front and exemplified the unified diversities that Nafas stands for.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication from the team at Nafas Residensi and cooperation from team Galeri Chandan in Kuala Lumpur.

Nafas Residensi  has no doubt diverse our experiences in hosting new and emerging artists in helping them comprehend their creative corridors. Perhaps it is now time for us to come up with an alumni and gather all the artists who have taken part in this residency and come together in the name of art.

” Road to Artistic Diversity”  will end on 29 December 2015 at Galeri Chandan , Publika Shopping Gallery. Opened daily 10am – 7pm . Closed on Mondays