As its name echoes, Galeri Chandan evokes the essence of ‘Bukit Chandan’, a locus of excellence in culture, architecture, arts and crafts in the northern state of Perak Malaysia. By adopting to these distinctive qualities, the gallery aspires to emulate Bukit Chandan’s eminence in its artistic pursuits.

In addition to commercial exhibitions, Galeri Chandan has also pioneered a number of notable industry ‘ecosystem’ projects which included the bi-annual Malaysian Emerging Artist Award and The Kembara Jiwa (Travelling Soul) Project, which introduces Malaysian contemporary art to the world.

In its seventh year of operation, Galeri Chandan has since set up Nafas Residensi, its own art residency program for South East Asian artists based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and a creative consulting arm, Artistic Minds that specialises in curated built environments.