In our continuing effort to promote the development and appreciation of fine arts in Malaysia, Galeri Chandan hosted an exhibition entitled Prōcessus last Friday night 19th August 2016.

Prōcessus is an exhibition showcases works of young artists who are masters in figurative exertion where these 5 to watch out artists focuses on the creative process until its final work. This process is not just an iterative; but a recursive. It plays out “in the large” and “in the small” defining the broadest goals and concepts and refining the smallest details. It is a process where breakthrough moments, borrowed elements, crucial revision and bold decisions were made. The final works will be displayed together with the work process in this exhibition to enhance an understanding to the public.

And indeed the public learned more about the process artists go through to create a masterpiece.

We were also delighted that Edroger Rosili, Malaysia’s emerging artist and Bakat Muda Sezaman 2011 finalist whose works are mainly with figurative art has given an insightful write up on this exhibition.

The night was a double celebration too especially for sports enthusiasts as in between art appreciation we were also ecstatic (with intermittent shouts from the crowd around our space) when badminton champ Dato Lee Chong Wei beat Lin Dan in the Olympic badminton semi finals at Rio de Janeiro and an additional silver through badminton duo V. Shem and Wee Kiong.

Once again, Congratulations to Faisa Azmi, Hirzaq Harris, Nadia Yasliza, Nik Shahzmie and Raimi Shafiqah Sani. We eagerly await more extraordinary pieces from you.