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In its pursuit to continuously bolster the progress of contemporary art in Malaysia, Galeri Chandan is proud to introduce The Future of Malaysian Art (FMA). This special project serves as a platform for art institutions, organisations and galleries to come together under one umbrella to drive the development of art in a more holistic and cohesive approach.

In this regard, this is a shout out to everyone – researches, scholars, professionals, curators and art enthusiasts to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how you foresee the Malaysian art industry to be; how it can be further developed; and what steps and measures we can work to put together to make them happen.

There will be wide ranging of community activities – including art talks, lecture series, residencies, exhibitions, events, group activities and workshops – that will serve as pre-programmes leading to the FMA Symposium in the future.

We believe that strong networking and enhanced collaborations between academia, institutions and galleries are vital for the future of Malaysian contemporary art, and we are honoured to be playing our role in this.


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