Galeri Chandan was set afire when 30 artworks of young contemporary artists of Art & Design from top notch art colleges and universities in Malaysia were presented in the third series of the Platform Art Show entitled Platform III ‘ Throwness’ (Geworfenheit ) . The opening reception last Friday night , 28 July 2017 kicked off a myriad of interpretation from these young artists own circumstances.

Our space became a platform for them to the unveiling of their interpretation of from no-thing to something.

PLATFORM III is a continuation from the Platform II 2015 and Platform I 2013 exhibition; a show which has without a doubt focused on the fresh, young and talented artist whom at that time had not yet found the right platform to embark on their journey in the art world.

Platform has thus far discovered many young talents from previous Platform shows whom came from different backgrounds and practices; from the likes of Arikwibowo Amril, Megat Zharif Zaim, Raja Azeem Idzham, Jasmine Cheong, Koo Yean Ni, Agnes Lau Pik Yoke , and Azzuan Osman to name a few, and it is an open invitation to young emerging artists to showcase their artworks at Galeri Chandan.

In Platform III, we have nurtured a young curator on his debut in curating an art exhibition; Nazrul Hamzah, an artist himself which has opened his ‘third eye’ in looking at art in a different angle.

Early buzz of the preview night was a performance art by artist Nadia Yasliza from Mara University of Technology ( UiTM ) entitled ‘Bising Dalam Diam’ which kept the audience in awe with her variable moods.

Massive and bright work by all 30 artists mainly from Mara University of Technology (UiTM) , University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) , The One Academy, Malaysia Institute of Art (MIA), Dasein Academy of Art , University Sains Malaysia (USM ) will hopefully lead them to the path of “unconcealment” . We hope that this platform which we have started since 2013 will bring forth something that unconceals the truth of any possibilities that could show through these young guns.

It was a good gathering of sorts that night as it was for many of us from the art community a good chance to meet up and unwind after the month long Eid festivites.

Congratulations once again to all of them!
May art benefit us all.